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Today in this post I will tell you about slotomania: secrets to the grand jackpots. In this tutorial I am going to use six tigers grand as an example.
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Today in this post I will tell you about slotomania: secrets to the grand jackpots. In this tutorial I am going to use six tigers grand as an example. Slotomania mod apk is one of my favorite games due to the high amount of jackpots you can win. 

I play this game almost every day of the week. So when you start this game start with using the first algorithm. I experienced that if the game is hot at the start the first algorithm is pretty high. The strategy I am gonna share with you will definitely work, no matter what you are doing or betting.  

slotomania mod

I will start from the first algorithm and you need to carefully read the whole content without missing any line to get the slotomania secrets to the grand jackpots. 

Remember: a miss on the first time but the second point hits so at this point I start looking for two consecutive misses and there’s the second. So let’s change the algorithm by pressing the stop button mid spin. 

slotomania mod apk 2022

Now when I refer to an algorithm that starts on a hit, that’s it. So once you press the stop button  if you win coins that algorithm has now started on a hit. so that means this next spin i am not going to press the stop button because i want to stay on this algorithm and notice it hits again. 

slotomania mod apk unlimited money

While I am playing I am always watching and counting consecutive misses. as soon as i get to two to four misses in a row depending on the game hit frequency and how hot and cold it is I changed the algorithm. 

slotomania mod apk unlimited coins

In my experience the time missing the start button does affect the outcome positively. What I meant by that is that as soon as the stop button shows that you can press it, that would be an early stop or you can wait a second or two and press it at the end right before it stops.  

download slotomania mod apk unlimited coins

So again the timing of you pressing the stop button is a factor and here is a little side note: timing your stops is how you win grand jackpots on coin grabs. Sometimes I’m not winning much off of each spin. I lower the consecutive misses to one or two and if you apply you can see practically that this strategy works well in the slotomania mod menu.  

There are several games that offer jackpots during bonus or free spin round. I like these games. Six tigers grand offers a chance at multiple jackpots that can be multiplied and amazing free spins if the game hits. But again i use this strategy anytime i play slotomania no matter the game type. 

slotomania payment method

I adjust my play according to the hit frequency and the return on the investment rate of the game. 

 Tip: once you get the free spins if you get extra free spins like five or 8, click on the red tiger with times 25 multiplier. If you can’t get extra free spins, then choose the mystery tiger again. Through this trick I have made half trillion coins in just a few minutes.  

Some Key Points

  • If a game gets cold basically, if you are just hitting the button and stopping it and never hits, leave the game. 
  • Find another one because there is a much hotter game out.

Wrap Up:

It has been very successful for me and most people that have tried it. remember you may not be successful with it the first time but keep trying and you will see positive results.i did have a couple of questions about which games i like to play and which games i use this method on again i use this method on every game but there are some of my favorites anyways guys thanks for reading this article.  If you enjoy these tips and strategies please comment below.

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