How To Write A Story On Episode : Make Your Own Episode Story

Tap the menu: the menu is situated at the top right corner of your computer’s screen.Tap Profile: this is near the menu. When you click on...
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Have you read the story of the episode before? Do you like this game? And also the characters of this game? Do You Want To Make Your Own Story? Do you think that you can create your own story that people love? But how to make your own story on episodes guide you no matter what. But you don’t know how to write a story on episode? Is that true? Mostly people thoughts why can’t I create a story on episode mobile? Multiple questions and one solution here. We guide you on how to write a story on episode.

There are some steps you need to follow when deciding to make your own story on episode mod apk. So come with us!

Creating A New Story 

how to write a story on episode

  • On the desktop there is an icon of the episode app if you download and install it on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can download it from here.
  • This is the simple mobile in which you can simply create stories. If you want to make your series containing multiple episodes you can use the episode writer’s portal on your computer and publish it.


  1. Tap the menu: the menu is situated at the top right corner of your computer’s screen.
  2. Tap Profile: this is near the menu. When you click on it you will see a sign up page.
  3. Click allow terms and policies as well.
  4. Select sign in method: for the signup process you have the 3 options these are google or Gmail account and you can also sign up with Facebook. This is your choice which method you use. Follow the remaining instructions for completing the process. 
  5. Tap the menu and click create. You will see it on the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap to the blue button to create your story. Create your first scene. Stories are divided into parts that are called scenes. Each scene occurs in every single location.  Every scene is divided into beats that are action and dialog that present in a scene.
  • Select a background to create your first scene. The beat containing all the scenes happens in the first scene. All these scenes have the same background.
  1. Click on background: these are the mountains that are situated on the left corner of the screen. There is a huge list of background images. 
  2. Select background: there are available images but if you want to choose something special you can search in the search bar. Now there is a green circle at the bottom of the left corner. This is the icon of a beat that represents it. Every beat has its own circle. 

episode interactive

Creating Characters

  1. Click on the character button where some samples of characters will appear. You can choose one of them, and can also create your own.
  2. Click on the outline of the characters with a +. In the bottom of the screen there is a character list where the outline of the characters appears.
  3. Now select the gender, girl or boy which you want to create. Create your favorite avatar design.
  4. Click on the up arrow: this button will open several avatars editors in a large window so you can select your favorite.
  5. Now click on the screen button to select the skin tone. This icon is present at the top of the screen episode mod menu apk. 
  6. If you want to see a preview of your character you can swipe left to right. There is an upward pointing error that enables you to see all skin tones once.
  7. Then click on the face button to select the suited face for your character.
  8. Click on the closet to change the dress of your character. Try different outfits to customize your character. 
  9. There are several options at the bottom of the screen. These are categories of outfits, you can select your favorite one.
  10. Finally click to done if you think that all is perfect. 
  11. Now simply enter the name of your character and save it. This character is saved now. You can follow this method to create multiple characters. 

episode games

Creating Your First Beat 

  1. Insert a character into the first beat.
  2. Select your character.
  3. Change the character position.
  4. Click on the search baar and type the text what you want to be called. 
  5. Then click to done.
  6. Select emotion which is suitable more according to the situation.
  7. Add more characters.

the game episode

Adding More Beats

  • Click on + icon. 
  • Add multiple characters.
  • Click on the character which is speaking and emotioning.
  • Set position. 
  • For the second beat select some emotion and speech.
  • Add multiple beats and finish the scene.

games episode

episode story

Adding Another Scene

  • Add background to create a new scene.
  • Choose the position of your character on stage.
  • Create a beat.
  • To create further beats click on + button.
  • For the next scene you can add background again.

episodes writers portal

how to make a story on episode

Sharing Your Story:

  1. Click on the sharing button 
  2. Pop up a form, need to fill it.
  3. Click to share your story.
  4. Select the sharing method which is best for you.

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