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Get episode unlimited passes completely free. Know how to get episode passes without human verification, without using hacks.
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Do you like to watch and listen to stories? Do you have any favorite actors? Is there any story that you like? If you like to watch episode studio, then this episode mod apk is definitely your favorite game.

Episode: choose your story is the game where you choose your adventure, and guess what, you determine what is going to do next. Episodes is a mobile game that is available and play on both ios and android devices completely free.

To explore the game there are resources given in gameplay called passes and gems. If you don’t have passes and gems in the game you can’t proceed faster and you even need to watch ads from time to time to look forward.

Also these premium currencies help you to buy premium items such as dresses to customize your character and many in app purchases. Spending real money is the easiest way to get these pro items if you don’t want to watch ads all the time. But if you have passes and gems, you don’t have to spend money.

Can I Get Episodes or How can I Get Passes in Episodes Mod Apk:

There are different methods to get unlimited free passes. The most common is that you can wait simply as the game gives you points after every ad. If you have patience then you never need to spend real money. If your budget is limited you can select that way. 

But as per my experience this is very very difficult to wait when you are playing continually and there is a suspense situation and you wait for gems and passes. Someone like me can’t wait when you are reaching the level of an interesting scenario, as we are in a hurry to find out what is going to happen next. 

So instead of waiting you can get some referral codes from other episode users. Also you can get them from different episodes forums. As you complete the levels and tasks you get passes and gems to win other missions.

Buying Gems And Passes

You can earn unlimited passes and gems by real money if you do not want to get code from different forums or players.


Your purchased items will sync on the same operating system such as android to android or from iOS to iOS. So switch your phone after purchase. Some users say that their purchased items are not showing in their account, so they can reach their support team to solve this issue.

Episode Cheat And Hacks 

Every gamer that wants to be a pro player in his favorite game must find some available hacks or cheats. Similar to that there are different cheats available online of episodes mod apk and every player of this game must want to get these at least once.

Most of them belong to the unethical category. You are the owner of your actions. There are many things that are known only to gain knowledge and you do not have to do it. And my advice to you is to just get to know it and not try to apply it.

So let’s get to know everything about it without wasting time.

To get unlimited passes you can use different online tools that generate passes. If you want to generate passes through these tools you need to select the tools which are accurate as there are plenty of tools we can’t say that they are trustworthy. 

The side effects of these tools are, introducing viruses such as trojans, severe strain, hanging your phone or many other options that are unable to work after you use generated passes. 

Use online hack tools that use your pc as an interface and there’s nothing to install or download else extensions or ad-ons. These tools are trustworthy at some point as there is no third party and they are quick to perform and also reliable. 

Find out the online tool that assures your security, your privacy and even its not using any other participant. In this way you are secure from anyone knowing that you are using a cheat tool or not. The most preferable feature of this is that no one can trace you, so that your id will never be banned or logged out. This is accessible and completely free to utilize.

The final thought is are these tools available now? Can I get these Tools? 

There are two simple steps you need to follow. 

  1. Simply sign up the form and select the device you are using, either IOS and Android. Select the proxy you wanna use or not when using this tool. If your internet connection has a great speed you can select the proxy as it is idle for you. If your wifi connection is not stronger then ignore the proxy option as it can slow down your system.
  2. Now you can select the passes and gems you want to play the game. That’s all. Now you can play your game episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes without paying a single penny.  You can use it anytime as it is accessible 24/7.

Keep Your Data Safe 

If you allow access to the third party option it means your data is not secure. For this problem you can use any data manager app that will fix IOS problems. 

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