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try all the right choices in an attempt and become a model citizen before you die. You could marry the love of your life, have kids, and pick up a good education along the way.
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Oct 26, 2022
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BitLife mod apk is a life simulation game in which you learn a new way to live. BitLife: Simulator games have everything a person needs to live a better life. Just like every person wants to spend their lives according to their wish. Every person wants to be independent of his every decision and he does not want to take anyone’s opinion in any matter. So in bitlife mod apk god mod you will be a king in everything you do. 


However, you are going to have a lot of fun in this game, so let’s learn more about this game. You can play more games of this genre by visiting our site.


Bitlife is just like a visual novel in which you experience a visual life of characters. You don’t know when your life started and how long it will continue in this game. Some miracles will happen in your life.  Your life decisions will be up to you. As your mother takes you to vaccination, it depends on you whether you go with her as a follower or not.You can also increase the life of the main character in this game.

There are four basic indicators of each character in bitlife mod apk god mode and bitizenship. They are smart, healthy, good looking and happy. Definitely health is the most important factor and good health will bring more opportunities in your life.  For example if you have good health you can take part in school’s rugby team. You can join a famous club. Your appearance does not spoil your future. Why, if you have money, you can get plastic surgery.

Note: There are many choices that lead you to death. For example i played a mission of mine clearing in which when I reached 3rd mine my character died and i was only 23 years old.  

Features Of BitLife Mod Apk 

bitlife mod apk

Enjoy the latest life simulator bitlife mod apk features.

Personal Stats

The game enables you to make decisions and perform some actions to represent your personality. These are as follows:


Happiness is an essential part of your character’s personality. A depressed person character always shows like a dull person. If the character is happy with his or her work, luck and decision he/she can live a good and peaceful life. So be happy to build your personality and forget all the thoughts and worries.


The second most important point for a good personality is to have good health. If your character has good health, he can join more activities and improve his work performance. Good health is also a golden chance to live longer and a finished life. 


In the Bitlife Life simulator game everything is possible. The faces the colors you get from your childhood you can change it with plastic surgeries in bitlife apk. You just need some cash to change your looks. You can change the gender you want in bitlife mod apk. 


Being a smart person depends on two things, one on luck by God gifted or after studying or learning a great amount of time. So in this game you can study a great amount of time to learn new things and can be a smart person to solve new tasks. 

Plenty Of Fun Activities 

bitlife mod apk free time machine

The life simulator enables their users to do everything and see what happened.


So first of all to earn a lot of money you need to do hard work, because if you have money you can help your loved ones, can start your own business and can go shopping. So we can’t skip this activity. 


After working hard, going to a club is a good idea. To join club parties reduce your stress and relax your mind. But be careful about fighting with others and someone can offer you marijuana. 


Exercise makes us strong. With other activities if we skip some exercises or walks etc our health becomes dull day by day. So join the gym to shape your body and to brighten your character’s personality. A good body man can easily protect himself from thieves and bullies.

Plastic Surgery 

If you think that your appearance is not good, then you should go to the doctors and get plastic surgery done. Your successful operation can give you a good personality. Remember: don’t miss the chance to date an attractive girl.


To achieve success in life you need to complete your study. Definitely your study duration becomes longer and can be a boring period of life, but it must be helpful for your whole of your life. Otherwise, if  you are not interested in completing your studies there are many other different ways to be successful in life.


Casinos are another way to get rich faster in your life without studying. If you play this game and win, you will spend your whole life in luxury. But if you lose, you will have nothing left behind.

Commit Crimes 

If your work is not working even from the casino, or you are not earning money, then you can earn money by doing illegal work such as committing crimes and it may happen that you are not even caught.


If you are caught and are living your life in jail, that is not good for every human being. Any free man will find himself troubled in prison. So to escape this life you can plan to run away or get yourself out by recommending someone.


You have to make some friends who have money. Such friends can not only help you in business, but there are many other tasks where they can come in handy. And choosing a rich life partner is very beneficial because he can give you a good and comfortable life.

Make Your Family 

If you like someone or thought that this is to become your life partner you can purpose her/him or starting your life together. You can build your own family, and kids. Remember you can adopt kids from others for more happiness. 

Mod Apk Version OF BitLife

Modded Features Of BitLife Mod Apk

Unlocked Bitizenship 

It is a wonderful opportunity in the game that you will get by spending money.  Bitizenship offers enable you to get the following features as follows.

  • Unlocked Vip Featrues
  • Specific feature for only the people have bitizenship privilege
  • No ads
  • Bitizenship Coins
  • Unlimited Money 
  • Bitizenship boss mod

Download BitLife Mod APK  3.6.1 For Android 2022

The Bitlife life simulator game enables you to enjoy every aspect of life. You could do everything that is expensive or impossible for you in your real life. I don’t think you will find a better game from this life simulator game to play in your spare time.

How To Install BitLife Mod Apk Unlimited Money 

It is a very simple process to install Bitlife mod apk boss mod and bitizen ship. So there are some steps that you need to take to install the game. 

  • Download the game from our site given by the download button
  • After once the game downloaded go to file manager
  • Go to downloads 
  • Double click on it and a pop our 
  • Click to install 
  • Allow unknown resources 
  • Follow rest of the steps


Bitlife gives you a new view of life. By playing this game you think broadly from every aspect, by business, for family, attitudes and looks. It also enhances and polishes your personality as well. Furthermore it gives you a better and happy life that will let you assist in your future. 

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How to install BitLife Mod Apk Latest v3.6.1 Unlimited Money Unlocked Bitizenship APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BitLife Mod Apk Latest v3.6.1 Unlimited Money Unlocked Bitizenship APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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