Best Episode Stories To Play That Don’t Use Gems 2023

Best Episode Stories: 1.Dripping Mascara 2.Chain Reaction 3.The Teacher 4.Beneath The Surface 5.KnockOut,amelia rose 6.Blake by wiktoria ....
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Whenever we watch a series on Netflix or watch a movie or play a game. We are curious to see if there is any good in it. As the episode mod apk is the game of love, romance, adventure and mystery, then there must be some suspended scene and most of that episode that we wish to see ever. Episode interactive-choose your story mod apk containing the number best episode stories that is evergreen. 

And my habit is that if I play a game with a series or episodes, I search for the best episodes first. This is my favorite game. I remember its best episodes on Fingertips and I am sure you will like these episodes too.

So let’s move on to its best episode user stories.

Dripping Mascara

Dripping mascara is the most common and favorite episode among episode’s users. Infect 4 millions plus people have already read it. As a new chapter added in this everyone who loves this story add screenshots on his Instagram and fb story with emotional reactions. This means people love this story, this chapter too much. Gens story is really outstanding so that everyone is waiting for his next episodes.

Chain Reaction

Have you heard of the chain reaction story? If not, here’s something better just for you! Chain reaction became a well known and famous story episode in the previous 4 months, and it’s still so popular that people want to see it. Because of its reading popularity it became a featured story of the game. Chain reaction story has a captivating story line so that every week thousands of people read it.

The Teacher

This story does not look special by name. But when you read it, your interest in it grows so much that you want it to be read again and again. There are unique people in this story. And the classic version has the distinction of being delicious.

Beneath The Surface

One more fantastic story of episode mod apk mostly read by episode readers. In this story there are amazing characters that definitely like you and its unique story lines let you read the story over and over again. A huge following of over 27k people awaits new updates from beneath surface.

Some other famous stories are:

  • Knockout, Amelia rose 

  • Just an illusion ,(1,2) writer Miss Mj

  • Deep Attraction 1, writer lady Diana

  • Deep Attraction 2 between pride and fate, writer ladydiann

  • Deep Attraction 3 COLD, writer ladydianna

  • Blake by wiktoria

  • Grace (Blake’s second part) by wiktoria

  • Adrenaline by Evil ebonni


These are the best and most famous stories of episode mod apk. Most of them are episode romance stories. The people who love to play the best episode stories romance can read these which we mentioned above. Also, if you like a story, or if any of it is bad, you can comment. Enjoy:)

You can also write your story by yourself. If you are interested to know who to write a story on episode you can read our article.


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